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My journey in time, it has been a very uplifting one with many expectations, good, bad and just so so.  Thru them all I have been given a gift, the best gift I could have ever expected, the gift of change.
That is what life is all about, learning daily who we are and why we are here, doing the best we can do as each day passes.  It was and still is a very full filling life I look at today with all the abilities of the Devine, the inner feelings, the abilities to know the true self and to hold no grudges, no animosities toward anyone or any place with this I am a very grateful spiritual person of the universe today.
Life can be beautiful.  That is beauty is in the eye of the beholder, all we have to do is have love in our hearts and souls and when we meet someone on the street just pass it on with a smile.

Just a few words too let you know we are not finished yet but when we are you will be amazed at the changes for good, our very own Constittion will be planted firmly planted never again to ripped apart for all humans of the earth, we all will walk in love and truth forever more.  Love and Light.



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When the sun is shining
My feelings tend to zoom and soar,
High upon the billowy clouds,
Waiting for ectacy.

The all powerful force
That comes to me, when I am
Least expecting, catching me unaware,
Lifting me on high.

Higher than the fluffy soft clouds
Drifting aimlessly about, just
Waiting for the gentle breezes -
To sweep me gently away to my tranquility

Come home, one more time
That is the way it was,
Times were tough, could have been worse
Yet we always have - hope.
Comes the day, when someone breaks,
This is also the way it is
Not looking back, and yet
The aching feeling surges thru the heart.
Wishing and praying for differences,
Yet knowing this is all part of the plan,
The lessons of life, we all must face -
To grow into spiritual beings.
My lesson was that loving
Can be beautiful to learn -
To receive as well as to give
That is total tranquility.
As I was strolling thru my memories
I chanced to come across some feelings,
Yes feelings long lost, but not forgotten
They were all jumbled about, oozing with fear.
Yes I remember the fear of growing up
There was so much to do, so many wonderful things to do,
I was ecstatic, knowing I was going to be somebody,
It didn't last - for I stumbled and fell
Yes fell into that great well of lonliness,
Tried to climb out, to no avail
Fell back in dire despair.
Later, much later I chanced to meet
Some wonderful people, who out of the kindness of their heart,
Gave me the helping hand I so needed
Sent me on a journey I coulldn't believe.
These are my personal poems writtin by me, Jackie ONeil

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This site depicts my new way of life, when emparking into the 1970"s new that something was amiss and it no doubt had to do with me, emotionally and spiritually.
After a few years of reading phycological book trying to find an answer, researching all the religions - going to each and every church I could finally ended up walking into a AA meeting, didn't think I was an alcoholic, but just maybe they had the answer I was searching for anyway it was worth a try.
Well after a few years of really trying to do my very best and become acquainted with life without alcohol it began to work in small ways.
Found out that an alcoholic is a very mixed up individual in many ways, and mainly in the spiritual ways, emotionally this began to work a little, but because I was a very stubborn person really took a lot.
Was willing to go to any lengths though and I sure did. 
After seven years in the program something hit me and it was all spiritual for one night after one of my meetings I dashed out of the clubhouse to the liquor store for a 6-pack of beer and proceeded to drink it.  Of course the next day was full of emotions and guilt and a feeling of impending doom.
Went to a meeting and admitted, and guess what everybody just said it is okay, just keep coming back, and I did.
From then on my program changed, I was changing and I was growing up in the program.
Looking back 29 years all I can see now is the miracles that worked for me with the help and understanding of many others who were willing to step out of themselves and help me.
Totally grateful to Alcoholics Anonymous for being there for me.  And it is there for YOU too, so just keep coming back and learning with an open mind.
Many blessings to all. 

This way for fellowship and serenity

Little Lexi - adopted 2009