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My Program.  A wonderful tool I found that helped me to accept myself as I am.  Totally spiritual when I truly got around to accepting it, took a lot of time for I had many issues I had to overcome and let go, but thankyou God it definitely has worked in my life.  Judgements - the ugly word I used against my friends, gone.  Resentments - hateful, spiteful insinuations I carried, also gone.  Love - the word that helped me the most, even though I was scared stiff of it, allowed me to become softer and accept my feelings, emotions, everything as real and right, thankyou God.

The road to happy destiny.  What a journey I have embarked on, learning, discarding, learning all over again.  Finding my true self, and accepting everything as good in my life, even my mistakes, my errors - willing to let all that go.   Life certainly is a learning tool for all of us and it can be fun and exciting all along the way.  No ill feelings toward anybody, accepting our choices in everything we do and get on with living the truth, finding our spiritual ideals that truly to guide us when we let it happen, thankyou God.

Some twentyseven years ago I had a spiritual awakening that turned my life around totally. It was very hard to accept all I saw and heard, but eventually a little of the fog lifted and I was able to finally understand a little bit. Very slowly my life began to change, I began to change, and as long as I was willing to go to any lengths, it began to look pretty good.

When I embarked on my journey to change my life, it wasn't easy, as I had to let go of all of my old ideas - that hurt for a little while until I was able to see a little progress and then my life took another turn, for the better I might add for I began to see life in a different light, I became more honest, loving, caring toward others, I joined in groups, I participated with others and was willing to share what I had learned.

Then I found other items in my life that needed changing, self esteem started to come into play, I learned I must learn to love myself if I am ever going to want to share that love with another, that was fearful, I perservered and came through, thank God. Life took on another glow for me and actually became fun. All this soul searching was working.

When it really took is when I began to have a real spiritual experience in most everything I did, I started to trust my higher power, real trust and in time it started to rub off on self and then others, I was growing up spiritually, and today I truly do thank God in my life.
It is so nice today to actually feel the peace and tranquility within, to know finally I have achieved what I only dreamed about for so long in my life, to accept the moment and know yes, I have achieved a goal, thankyou God.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience and it behooves to learn from all of out mistakes, they are there too let us know and learn a better way and if we take heed we shall perservere all the way.
Grateful I learned that little gem and thankful for all my learning experiences.