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I had no idea that for a few years of my life I had truly no idea of truth or fiction (lies). Always thought I was a truthful person, the only truth was I couldn't steal something from my friends, other than that I was a pro for awhile. Who was I kidding, you bet, only me, was I gaining any ground on who, what or where I wanted to be, absolutely not. Some of us have to go the road of no return for quite awhile before we finally wake up and see what is really happening, in other words recognize who we really are. To finally wake up and meet the real self, to accept the real self is fantastic - it is like being born all over again.

Many years I tried to do everything myself, you know what I mean, the proverbial control freak and people pleaser, in truth at the time, I thought that was the way it was supposed to be, nothing real happened, it was like chasing ones own tail around in circles - everything I did went grand for awhile and I thought I was on top of the world - then it got to good and I sabotaged everuthing that had been put into play - why? in truth it was out of fear, lots of fear. The fear that I wouldn't be able to make it, again you ask why? well there is something called self esteem, something we all have when we are born - through many factors that preceeded in my life mine got whittled down to hardly nothing.

It takes time too build oneself up again after life has beaten you to a pulp and you feel useless, somehow we do, and it is gratifying to say the least.

Today I can accept the truth and always looking for the truth where ever I go, for that is, as far as I am concerned, the only way to go.. Too be the best person I can be and allowing others the same, holding no grudges, and living in the now, right now.
As one grows older, more is revealed.  Too look back and wonder why, is no longer the question.  It truly is learning how to accept life as it is  NOW, for in truth that is all we truly have.  I have found my peace and serenity that I wanted all my life and it is indeed  FREEDOM I would never have known if I hadn't wanted to seek acceptance in my life.  Life truly is a working project we all go through, and it is up to us accept it as is, learning our lessons and continuing on to a peaceful wonderful life, thankyou.
Truth is everywhere, sometimes we have to dig a little deeper - we always find the truth no matter what, it is there.   To be free of all the character defects we so gallantly held on for we thought they were a part of us, soon learn they were only the lessons of learning we had to learn to be a worthy of what we have been so freely given. 
Seek ye the truth shall set you free, you know that is the most profound statement ever and it truly says it all.  Too be consciously aware of everything going on around you and worldwide too.  Too be worker among all, shunning no one for each has their own idea and when we piece our ideas all together we usually come up with the answer.  Fear is a very strange bedfellow once it is within, but it is easy to let go of also, we do not want to have fear in our vocabulary.  Least that is where I am to day, for in reality there is nothing to fear.