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Personal writings

Various ideas I've had through out the years. Just like most anybody I know we all have grandiose ideas of what we are going to do when we grow up. I studied the piano for almost seven years and got pretty good, and I did love it, of course like any child who wants to practise every day, but I did. I still love the piano very much, though my playing is a little wanting. Sitting up on a stage playing a beautiful piece is pretty awesome, not to say you are truly giving a gift to all, the gift that was so freely given to me, for this I say thankyou God. There were other gifts I received, didn't appreciate it much growing up, but today sure do and that was dancing,acrobat and ballet - the idea, the gift that I could float across the stage doing beautiful acts, incredible and not bad either, thankyou God. Another gift I was given was the ability to paint, that was always with me but didn't do much about it accept in school. To paint a beautiful scene, and know that it came out of your own being, thankyou God.
Today how grateful I am that I am in my right mind and am fully aware of everything around me.  To be free of old ideas that kept me mired in judgement, hate, and resentments - it is a beautiful world when one can finally say, thankyou God what a journey I have been on, a journey that always kept me on my toes, always kept me learning and willing to move forward.  Too know that all the times I blamed everything around me for my errors, thinking in such a negative state, grateful for my life whatever it was, certainly was interesting never a dull moment. 
Today the peace of mind and tranquility I have found is fantastic, I have learned my lessons well, the only way I could have found the peace that is so prominent in my life.  The ability to love everybody, good, bad or indifferent, doesn't matter we are all the same - Of course we all had different paths to travel, we did and it is good.  To look back is great, for amidst the turmoil there were many good times.   Thankyou God is truly all I have to say, I love life with all its mishaps going on, it will get better if we all think positively, that is the answer folks, God bless everyone. 
One starts out in life full of ambition, it does come when we perservere and we travel through life enjoying most of it, then we all of a sudden find ourselves not in the retirement catagory, but the very aged and still to our amazement not quite wanting to quit, we do notice a slowing down factor, and all of a sudden a new perspective on life.  That does not mean it is all over, heck no, to continue learning and trying new things has it's rewards.  Taking a llittle more care of ourselves, living in the moment, and relishing the spiritiual.
I now find myself in the twi-light of my life, oh no don't get me wrong, it is not over for there is still much too learn.  I love to learn, love to become aware of  exactly what is going on in my life, and what or how I can help - sometimes it seems as tho I have come to the end when voila!! something else pops up that lets me know I am on the right track, there is always something we can do, even if at the time it appears so insignificant, it isn't for the littlest word, or a a helping hand, a kind word too - they all are very significent and with this I silently say my daily prayer - thankyou God. 
The year 2006 and it finds me in pretty good physical and mental shape, at times I was wondering will I ever get to the end?  Ha, for there is no end, tis an ongoing journey to the end of time and when that is I have absolutely no idea.  It is a learning experience each day, not only about my personal self, but what is happening around me, pretty fantastic when one approaches each day with an open mind and a clear heart, knowing that this day is going to hold more truths for me and everybody too - life is an ongoing journey forever and forever there is no end, unless we by choice, choose to do something stupid and mess it all up.  Hey I'm not about too, having found the perfect relationship, the peace within, love that literally blooms where ever I choose to look, and if I choose to stir the pot with my own input, well just another learning experience in the process and with this I say thankyou God. 
Welcome to 2010 and don't know if I am a doomsdayer or not, because I really don't believe in all of the junk the media and a few others choose to tell us.  Anyway come to the conclusion I believe we all are responsible for what happens on  planet earth so that leaves very little to complain about, unless one is of the mind to just be mean.  Not me for sure, it is our responsibility to learn our lessons and to keep a positive attitde at all times, rather hard but not impossible.  Too be consciously aware and to rely on our intuition for rarely can we go wrong unless we are filled with hate, etc., we can save our planet and it is all up to us.