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My Prose and Poetry
It Takes so Little
It takes so little to make us sad -
Just a slighting word or a doubting sneer,
Just a scornful smile on some lips held dear,
And our footsteps lag, though the goal seemed near,
And we lose the courage and hope we had -
So little it takes to make us sad.
It takes so little to make us glad -
Just the cheering clasp of a friendly hand,
Just a word from one who can understand;
And we finish the task we long had planned,
And we lose the doubt and fear we had -
So little it takes to make us glad.
Come home, one more time
That is the way it was,
Times were tough, could have been worse
Yet we always have - hope.
Comes the day, when someone breaks,
This is also the way it is
Not looking back, and yet
The aching feeling surges thru the heart.
Wishing and praying for differences,
Yet knowing this is all part of the plan,
The lessons of life, we all must face -
To grow into spiritual beings.
My lesson was that loving
Can be beautiful to learn
To receive as well as to give,
This can be total tranquility. 
Tranquil Fantasy
When the sun is shining
My feelings tend to zoom and soar,
High upon the billowy clouds,
Waiting for ecstacy.
The all powerful force
That comes to me, when I am
Least expecting, catching me unaware,
Lifting me on high.
Higher than the fluffy clouds
Drifting aimlessly about, just
Waiting for the gentle breezes -
To sweep me gently away to my tranquility.
These poems are personal to me and depict my feelings, they
are mine, copywrite-Jackie ONeil 

A beautiful, wonderful day
Yes - that is what is ahead
Too know this day
Is truly the beginning.
Too know there shall be many glorious
Things to do,
The wonderments of all kinds
Shall appear before me.
Realizing that life is a challenge
To begin anew -
Knowing this is the day
With no regrets of the past.
A true and delightful experience,
Don't  ask me how I know -
I don't and never will -
The beginning is now.
I know life is wonderful -
Don't think I could feel any better
Than I do at this very moment -
I love life and all it stands for.

To find that peace within, the peace I searched for all my life in many different ways.   Little did I know it was with me all along, but then for some it does take a lot of mistakes along the way to truly understand.   And it isn't very difficult either, all it takes is a willingness with a desire to be able to change an entire life - what a concept, but it does work.  To get to know the true me, to understand the why's of what happened and why I thought I was stuck, no way.  When I embarked into my quest, the help I needed was there instantaneously, all I had to do was ask for help and I got it.  Willing to let go and accept that everything was in the right place, to believe and trust my Higher Power .  To trust infinitely that all I had to do was show up and be ready for my day with the willingness and trust I had learned so well.  Thank you God.   
My life is very calm today -
As each day approaches
Like a fresh flower
Just picked.
Something new and wonderous -
To behold, to take within and cherish
Loving all that crosses my path
Seeing it exactly what it is.
Enjoying he moment -
For what it has to offer
Realizing, yes each day is precious
As new fallen snow.
Or the beautiful flowers -
That appear on my landscape
The little critters
As they scurry to and fro.
Ah yes tis a priviledge -
Too grow older
Enjoying all the little things of life
Letting the old just kind of drift away.
With this all I can say -
Is thankyou God
For showing me the path
Of learning and loving.
Written June 7, 2009
Jackie ONeil   

On Bended Knee
On bended knee
I've been there beside you
All these many years
Just reach up to find ME
But you've got to your prayers.
Step with ME
Talk with ME
Show a little faith
And let it be
Walk with ME
Trust in ME
Show a little faith
And then, let it be.
Be still my precious child
Know that I'm your God
In stillness there are answers
A lifting of the fog
In stillness you will find ME
I'll take away your fears
In stillness I will be there
I'll wipe away your tears.
Step with ME
Talk with ME
Show a little faith
And let it be
Walk with ME
Trust in ME
Show a little faith
And then, let it be.

My experiences have been great, sometimes they were a little bizzare, but life did straighten out in the end.
And it is okay just the way it is as long as I don't get all discombooberated and fall back into that well again, and from where I am today, little chance, all because I learned faithfully from my friends - Trust God, Trust Self and Trust others in that order, thankyou God.