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The ocean brings me peace
Lets me dream great dreams

That is where I am supposed to be, lolling in the sunshine, enjoying retirement, as you have read, my life didn't lead there, yet. For some reason this evening I believe I got the real message, and that is even in older age I seem to still be fighting outside influences, help! You know what they are all lessons of learning, and the truth we never quit learning, when that happens we will be dead. I really do enjoy, even the boring parts for they all seem to have a great lesson, and people are not boring they are interesting, with all their traumas, etc., that is life folks. I am blessed beyond all and when I get quiet and peaceful I know the truth. Click the picture for something I have found that is very interesting.


Another place of wonder, remembering when used to tromp through the marshes finding all kinds of small animals and other things, yes life is good and I am very glad I had a chance to experience it. Click me too.


Aren't these beautiful, so refreshing to leap into and swim around, maybe. Or maybe just sit quietly gazing into the falls, remembering all the good and the beautiful that has happened in our life, and there has been a lot when we take the time to truly remember.
These are Angel Falls in Venezuela.
Another interesting site to ponder when you click the picture.

Boat 1

Have you ever ridden the waves in a sweet little boat such as that, I have and it was mucho fun, that was the kind of fun I want to remember, also sailing across the ocean in a ship is very exhilerating as well, there is nothing like the ocean.
Click the picture to view more exciting information.

Supporting content of this page is to remember the good times, not only remember, but don't let life pass you by, enjoy it to the fullest in everything you do and say every day. Take this a bit further, remember your loved ones, they did the best they could and so did you, we all did. It is sometimes we seemed to take a wrong turn and got all tangled up in rhetoric and didn't know what to do, but keep on trudging, life is beautiful.
To enjoy my life as it is today, and to know I have done my best to truly enjoy life as it is today, even if sometimes I get frustrated and wonder why, well that is also part of life, if we can do something about it, great!  Too keep on learning each day and moving forward is all part of the gift. Thankyou God.  Age what is it really, a number - that is all it is too me anymore, for age is how you feel within, what you do and whom you help along the way, never grow old just wiser.  Thankyou God.