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Growing Up

Taking baby steps, working a program in my life,no matter how tough it seemed in the beginning for the payoff will be a better me, a more understanding person who really does care about others. To be sure it is a daily program, the must is that if one wants to grow up and be the person they dreamed about in their fantasies, it is worth it. We were never promised anything when we were born, it truly is up to each and everyone of us to be the best we can be.


From a life of total denial. Willing to look at my need to control everything that moved,as well as my overwelming desire to please anybody, why? My insane jealousy, enviousness, and why did I think I needed to do all these insane acts, well for one reason and that is usually a low self esteem, how in the world can anybody expect to accomplish anything when they are deep into hate, especially self.

Trusting God, trusting self and trusting others in that order, this was told too me by a good friend and it does work.

Finding Self

Today I have truly come face to face with the real self that I am, and I am so grateful to my Higher Power for guiding me along the way. It has been a fantastic journey and a lot of fun, enjoyed letting go of all the old ideas that never worked anyway, continuing on my spiritual path to freedom, and it definitely is freedom - to know that I am a wonderful person today who loves life and is interested in many things, willing to try anything new once and if it doesn't work, fine we shall continue on down the road to happy destiny.

This is a page depicting my life and I choose to share it with anybody, especially people that are having a hard time in life, either through addiction, or other problems - I totally believe that the only way we can help ourselves is to help another, and that basically means sharing our own experiences with others. Yes that is how we learn, and by talking to another we form a bond, friendship, or whatever but anyway it helps all the way around, thank God.
Yes growing up, becoming aware of all of life all around me, and accepting it for what it is I see, to grow and grow and grow, to become a person whom has the intuitive feelings to know that all I have to do is move forward with grace and continue on my wonderful pathway that was presented me some time ago, truly a gift, thankyou God.
Growing up sometimes is hard too do, on my journey I find it truly a wonderful experience in every aspect of my life and others too, for we are truly all one family and truly need to realize that before it is too late.  It has been a wonderful journey and I am looking forward to more, thankyou God.