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My Hobbies

I love anything in the arts really, but my favorites are painting and writing, poetry/prose.
I also love horses, dogs, cats and most animals - yes a real animal lover.
Collecting coins, stamps and pictures.

My Best Friend
The Best Sheltie in the world, Athena - July 17, 2009

Friends, Acquaintenances, Marriages, Fun Times

My true friends are very supporting of my accomplishments and continue to share with me. Acquaintenances are too numerous to mention, everywhere I go I meet new people, it's a blast. My marriages were rather disasterous, with one or I should say two exceptions, my children of whom I am proud of today, one is a musician the other is a great carpenter, etc. self supporting through and through.

My Military Experiences

I served in the military (WACS) 1951-1954 and am glad I did for it was a great learning experience, in many ways. Yes I am proud to have served.

Basic Training was done at Fort Lee, Virginia
Also did a tour of duty in Heidleburg, Germany at Patton Barracks.
A tour of duty on Okinawa.

My experiences in the Military were truly fantastic and I must say I did learn a lot, good, bad and indifferent.  The good I learned was that I was an okay person and that any job I was given, could do it too perfection, yes a good worker.  At the time didn't truly know what I wanted to do, so the learning experience paid off.  I am grateful I was able to travel to Europe and Japan and get to know a little about the people and the environment, a lot to see and a lot to take in, I tried to do it all then.  Made friends easily then where ever I went, not lasting though and today I understand why - what a learning experience.  Life is truly the same where ever one goes, different people, different things and places to see, but basically we all of planet earth have the same goals and dreams, we are one people through out the earth. 
My jobs with the State, that truly showed me who, what and where I was, gave me the lift up I needed most at the time.  To be able to retire, wow, and to know I always did my very best where ever I was, life is indeed a neat learning experience for all.
Retirement is not all it was cracked up to be, maybe for some I can only speak for myself - For one thing certain it is definitely more of learning, which is fine with me - don't believe anybody can get enough knowledge.  The knowledge I have acquired since my working days have really allowed me to truly become centered and to finally get in touch with all my feelings and attitudes, my shortcomings and why I did what I did in my early years.  Basically it was because I got caught up in the frenzy of daily life, little did I know it was a catch 22 and with my ideals such as they were, couldn't get enough - so just got caught up in the daily rush to (something), totally grateful my life was my life and I was finally able to get in touch with it and not be subservient to others, wow - a learning process in progress that keeps on going, going, going always, I thank God for this for it has given me strength, peace, love and a happiness within that far surpasses any other attribute I could have thought of - so with this I always say daily - Thankyou God.
Once again I find myself the most grateful individual on earth, was given an opportunity and took it and now some 30 years into the future am still kicking around and enjoying my sobriety, really is a wonderful life.  Too look back and have moved thru all the trials and dilemmas of life - remembering what it really was like, all the historical facts of what happened and wonder how we really ended up in the dilemma of 2010.  Thru faith and love I have a wonderful feeling that it will turn out to be just great, if we the people just keep a  positive attitudes with a smile to go with it for all we meet.  Remembering all our lessons of learning.
Several years have passed, it is now 2013 can't blieve it but tis true.  Still alive and kicking and looking forward to the wonderful changes happening on planet earth.  These past 80 years of working, raising a family, and truly enjoying life up to a point, grateful that my big change came in the seventies, my spiritual awakening for sure with many many new awarenessess to greet me as I step forth.  Life has been good to me and taught me rightly as well, for that I am one very grateful human and hope I can leave a little of my legacy behind for all to ponder, thanks a lot.  September  28, 2013. 

I will put more here as I go along, this is about my experiences.   Well I am still here and thanks to God still alive and kicking.   Each day I awake and it is glorious and fantastic, there is something I must do, today I know I must truly gain much patience and tolerance in everything I do and the more patience the more is revealed.  Yes when I let go of all the garbage in my brain and become quiet things start to move and for this I am very grateful, thankyou God.
Yes growing older with the Grace and Wisdom of the Elders of whom we truly are, with the ability to share our experience, strength and hope with those less fortunate, that is at the moment what it is all about, thankyou God.

Please contact me here and let me know what you think, thanks.