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Jackies SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY/ Jackies Spirit


Yes welcome to my site, it is not my first and probably will not be my last, that is until I have completed this feeling of incompleteness within.  All my life I started many projects, and was pretty good at it, but somewhere down the line I would give up, now I ask the proverbial question why, there is only one answer - the answer that keeps most people from attaining their goal, fear or failure, scared to death to be somebody.  Scared of what really, well I can only speak for myself and that was or still is fear of my own inadequacies.  There is no real reason for this as today I finally have accepted the fact that we really are no different, we all have the same opportunities, and yet there really is no yet, that is an excuse that I, we  conjure up in our heads for sabotage.  I sit here today, with a lot of good ideas but full of fear (false evidence appearing real), yes anything attributed to fear is truly false, our, my own escape for succeeding. 

My Best Friend with whom we many pleasant memories
We traveled thruout the states

Experiences of life are what make each and everyone of us.  At least that is what I have learned, and sometimes it isn't easy considering all the pit falls out there, somehow we do manage to get through and usually come out a winner.  We do eventually understand and become aware of whom we are and have very few bugs around us that like to trigger our life.  Every new change we make is another step forward to serenity and love.  Forgiving others is one of the main, but forgiving ourselves first is the clincher, then we are ready to continue our wonderful journey called life.

Trials & Tribulations of an Office Worker
At eight oclock she is all a smiling -
At ten oclock, ah lunch time is not very far off -
Along comes lunch time, bringing a long sigh of relief -
And some time to gab about the night before, but not for long -
Tis one oclock and time to hit the trail once more -
To settle down with all business like qualities -
Then comes two oclock, ah looks like break time
Sure tis, but too soon thats over and it looks like work again -
Then along comes three oclock with a office full of bedraggled figures -
Sighing with relief that the day is almost over -
So for a few minutes there is a burst of energy flowing through -
Then, ah then, tis four fifteen and books, papers, manuscripts, etc.,
Start a trail for cabinets, drawers, and waste baskets -
Then coats go on, desks are dusted, and faces light up when the lights go out - The end.

That was what it was like when my nose was glued to my job and I thought that was the way was. We live and learn, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but we do learn in spite of ourselves. We put our dreams on hold and continue to work for the other guy, thinking there will be time. Something happens, all of a sudden we look back in dismay, we wonder where the time went, but yes - it did went, we wake up and start all over again,same old story, but of coarse it is going to be different this time, ha ha - We are caught in the web of life.
Learning our lessons of life, from all the mistakes we make, knowing we don't have to repeat the same old error over and over again expecting different results, yes we can change and it starts with us, the willingness to learn from our mistakes and move forward.
Letting go of our old ideas, maybe they worked at one time,but somehow they are not working anymore, so it is time to let our past go in search of new opportunities.


A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This is the picture of my favorite getaway. Where I collect my thoughts and become centered.   The place that centers me in the NOW and lets me know there is nothing but this moment.

Listen to this, it could change your life, at least change the way you feel, giving new persepctive to life. Who would have known that just a bit of turning ones life around, changing ones attitude, learning to be good to self instead of running around trying to do everything in sight. Yes I have come a long way and am so grateful for each and every experience (good or bad) I have had for in turn they all have been such a wonderous learning tool to life. I have many tools in my bag of understanding today and each one means alot to me and taught me alot as well, it has been a very interesting life - struggle and strife to peace and contentment. Written June 7, 2009 Thanks to all my friends and family whom have helped me along the way. Blessings to each one of you and you know who you are. Thanks. Well well yes it is really July 2010, and I made it, only with help from my friends and AA. What a neat experience to watch oneself grow with love and peace in their heart. So grateful for this wonderful extension of life that is filled with health and goodwill for anybody that is suffering these day, and really doesn't need to, unless they want to. I picked up the key of willing and was determined to put my all into my program, and yes yes it works great. Now in this new century we are still trudging the road to happy destiny and shall continue to do so for many many more years to come. Blessings to all you find peace, love and light in their life and are willing to go with it.

Wow Freedom what a beautiful word and we have made it to a new century, 2012 miracles do happen, always it is within each and everyone of us.
It is a journey for sure for each one of us our soul purpose for being here, thank you.
We all have the same opportunities, it is all up to us.  Absolutely it is up to each one of us whom call planet earth our home, too once again treat her right and she will in turn treat us right, we must work together for everything and we will be blessed with our beautiful, wonderful planet that has showered us with much, time to give back, thanks.
So glad I have been given the priviledge to do this life and to make many inner changes that have given me the peace, love and light forever, thankyou God.

This year of 2013 will be our turning point in lfe for we the humans shall awaken and know just exactly what to do and it shall be beatiful, for within each and everyone of us of Planet Earth there shall be a wonderful change, and it will show forth to all the Greatest Love our world has ever known, so be it.
Peace, Love and Light to all.


What's New?

I walked upon the sand at ebb-tide.
And bending down, I wrote a line upon the sand.
And in that line I wrote what my mind thought
And what my soul desired.

And when the tide was high,
I returned to that very shore,
And of that which I had written I found naught.
I found only the staff-marks of one who had walked blindly.

By Kahlil Gibran

Yesterday I drove to the beach;
It is very relaxing and
Calming to the soul,
I love the water, the ocean.

It is like a warm,comfortable blanket,
Wrapped gently around me
Keeping me safe and secure
From the jungle that is all around.

The Great Illusion