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Jackies SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY/ Jackies Spirit

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Movie and Book Reviews

On this page I'll write reviews of the movies I see and books I read. I might use a format similar to this for my reviews.
I wonder who has seen Avatar, wasn't going to see it but it appeared in my house one day and decided to watch it, am glad I did, very intresting with a lot things that are very appropriate to today, sometimes I feel like we are on some kind of great merry go round, in other words de ja vu' for real.
I seems as though we cannot learn our lessons very well, keep making the same mistakes over and over again, when we allow or should I say laughingly vote for a bunch of characters and their promises, haven't we learned yet??
Anybody will say anything to get the job and it is usually whitewashed with pretties within their mind, why do we believe these, aren't we smarter than that?
Guess we are not, and that is too bad for that puts us in the same position as those we put into an office.  Did we not learn anything in school or are the schools so inept they will do what their higher authority tells them to teach.
It is discouraging, but we cannot afford to stay discouraged for that is what they want, a bunch of sheeple willing to do everything we are told.
Well for me no way, we must research everything that we read, watch or hear then and only then are we prepared to know the truth and become willing to express our own truths, not anothers opinion.
2010 is half way gone and another mess we have allowed to happen in the Gulf Region near Louisiana a very sad message with not much being done.
Changes for the truth are immenent, thanks.  

Movie Reviews:

Somewhere in Time - Starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. A superb movie.

What Dreams may come - Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding.Jr., and Annabella Sciorra. Another superb movie, a must to see.

Science Fiction

This movie will get to you if you haven't seen it yet, have a go. 12 Monkeys starring Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt.

The great gathering!!
Open Book, Spinning

Have always had books in my life, actually they were my doorway to freedom.  From childhood all the way. 
Today it appears to be the computer and really nevery thought would like it so much, but it is a fantastic tool to do ones research and learn many more things. 
Too be able to watch things all around the world, some great and some not so great.
Too listen to your favorite music while sitting in your own living room.
Too write, read, learn, and be amazed at all the phenomanal experiences that are happening and shall continue to happen and we have privy to it all, thanks.
Grateful so grateful for life.
Has given me so much, good, bad and indifferent.
All for a purpose, to learn, thanks.
Our best work CHANGE yes yes for we can change anytime we want if it be for the right reason.
Blessings to all human beings of planet earth.  Thanks.

Book Reviews

I'm reading a book that is really an eyeopener, the name is:

Powderburns by Celerino CastilloIII and Dave Harmon

It discusses in length, about the truth about the Iran-Contra scandal, various American agencies and known drug traffickers. Discovering the truth about the smuggling drugs into the US, naming many names, such as: Oliver North, just to name a few, anyway get the book it is a good read. 
The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Streiber
Lost Rights by James Bovard
The Myths of Free Trade by Dr. Ravi Batra
Compromised by Terri Reed and John Cummings
Lost Books of the Bible and the forgotten books of Eden
published by World Bible Publishers, Inc.
The Intention Experiment & The Field
Lynne McTaggart

My favorite

This book was given to me about 15 years ago with the thought in mind she was just like me, or visa versa.

The Passion of Ayn Rand - Author Barbara Brandon

Indeed I did feel a deep kinship with Ayn and all she did and went through, so I say thankyou to Rick for the book.
Another great book to enlighten the public is: The Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Streiber - a great read.