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Jackies SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY/ Jackies Spirit

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Related Links

DDevine Cosmos

My son's site, great music.

Edgar Cayce


Trends Research

All about many sites I have researched and found very informative, for me - my mind is on a continuous learning process when it comes to finding the truth.

Have learned to slow down a bit and take things more slowly, wow what a concept, for some reason it works.

Keeping a positive attitude and becoming aware of all that is somehow truly real, which is really all within all of us.

Keep coming back for you will never know what you might see.


Jim Marrs

Survival seed bank

United for Peace

The New America

My Life


Or I might include a link to a site that talks about my favorite TV show:

Clearing House - where you will get the truth if you want it.

Lost arts

Spiritual Journeys

A great talk show. Information that will blow your mind.

Or I might include a link to a site I check in on every day for inspiration:

Info wars

Prison planet

Grand conspiracy

Counter Punch

A very informative link, things you might want to be informed about, good, bad or indifferent.

More will be revealed.

A great place to truly understand the truth.

Jeff Rense

David Icke

Worlds Nest

Another informative site for information,just tryilng to get the information out there.