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Jackies SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY/ Jackies Spirit

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Probably we think we know what freedom really is, but not really, for as we stand here today we have taken it for granted and it definitely is something we earn.

Now for me I realize it really started when I first voted, that is the biggest freedom we all have, again we take it for granted, we do not research the people or the bills put before us to vote upon.

Voting for a personality will get you what you do not want, voting for a person whom you really know is telling the truth, and how many of us do that, we will believe anything as long as we know we will gain something from it.  So you see we are no better than those using us and they know how to get into our thoughts, just by manipulating and using the phrase believe me, ha!  Took me forever  to get that one, but I have and I see and I know when they are lying and it is most of the time.  Do your research before you speak.

  Have learned much in retirement, especially how aware I am when I take my daily walk, the people I see and the people I talk too.,  Everybody has a story of sorts to tell.  Keep listening.

Remembering when I was in school and all items of life we were taught, it was very interesting and my favorite wa history, ancient all the way up to the modern times, it truly makes me grateful that I had the priviledge of going to school when they really taught us something, there was no way you were going o get out of school without a great education in all the classes.

As I said history was my favorite, I did love mathematics for it was something I know I needed to learn for future use if I were going to get a job that paid well allowed me to excel and this all started in he first grade. From then on it was a very interesting part of my life that am really grateful for, it is also important to have good teachers that really have a desire to teach young minds in the criteria they themselves know. Also school to the young person with a learning mind and a disire to do so will definitely use all the tools at hand.

Loved the libraries that were always most of the time in every city or township in the country and I fond them, it was like candyland, so much to read and absorb and use, i was a library nerd for sure. Grammar school where we were taught the basics of most of the curriculum and as each year passed a little more knowledge was there for us to learn and use.

High school had a bit more added into their curriculum and it was definitely up to us to assume responsibility the learning process, those days most of us did to the best of our own personal responsibility.

A very grateful person I had that all at the time to use for my betterment.

Now today and I see the kids doing absolutely nothing and it is sad, such a waste of young minds, certainly is not all for thee are many who actually take advantage of all learning facilities as best as they can considering our life as it once was is deteriorating into a morass of people whom expect others to take care of them and cater to their wishes, sure wasn't when I grew up. Remember my parents telling me that it wa important to find a great job that paid good wages so I could actually be self sufficient, not relying on others to help me out of scrapes but to pull my self up by my own bootstraps, so to say. It is so true.< This is where the real learning comes in after high school and until we are ready to further our education.

To be set up to be able to take any job and just use it a anther learning tool experiencing and moving forward with the new knowledge we are learning. When you can look over your life and really know that you did the best you could do at everything you tried and even making mistakes realising that those mistakes are just more of the schooling we were taught when little kids. However we look at life,when looking back it was our best and even the mistakes we made were changed before our very eyes when we made our amends for them, we always were able to clean the slate and start all over again, what a blessing. Well at least I call that a blessing, too be given a second chance. It is rather nice too look back and recognize everything, family, all relatives, friends, work buddies, everybody we gave a smile to, or gave them some positive information to help them, and yes sometimes to actually give some material things that were dearly needed, such as food, a place to sleep, a ride they desperately needed, anything no matter how small but it brings happiness to them, thank you God. Being able to take care of ones children even when things got tough, at least until their late teen years, what a blessing.

Too not hold grudges anymore, too be able to forgive and forget, too not lie or dress up the truth, so glad I was unable to lie, proven many times for when it looks like a lie, never came oame out. Too look back with awe and wonder at my childhood and remember the fun times. Too remember my school years with great pleasure, for I really did enjoy learning everything, and almost did, truly almost. Too remember my teen years and what a confusing time that was, but somehow it all worked out for the best. Remembering all the animals I had, cats you betcha and dogs and horse, my favorite I believe for this horse taught me much when I truly look back and relive some of the memories. Growing up, m aking a million mistakes and for some reason being able to correct them in time, meanwhile learning the valuable lesson of making mistakes. Being able to get jobs whenever and becoming a workers among workers, loving what I did, and did my best always. Sticking to my jobs and able too retire gracefully. Now looking at my Beautiful America and wonder what happened when I was enjoying life, working, raising children, and having fun. Never thought we would be where we are, people lying to get ahead - guess they forgot about truth and how good it feels to tell the truth.  It is a sad world we live in today, but I do believe it will come again when there is love and peace, truth and honesty, feelings of wonderful friendship all around, yes I believe it will happen again, soon.

We are all free within ourselves one day at a time.