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Jackies SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY/ Jackies Spirit

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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...My name is Jackie and I have lived a pretty full life. Started out in Minnesota, moved to Los Angeles, California. Did a tour of duty in the Military, WAC - Womens Army Corp. Did some traveling in and around the states and the world. Have worked forever, raised two children and now am retired, finding it sort of okay, but want more fulfillment in my life. I really don't know what I expected in retirement, but it certainly has been a wonderful learning tool, a new tool, that I have embraced and am finding it very interesting. It is spirituality, the spirituality that has always been within waiting to be released, waiting patiently for me to fully understand what life is all about. The what, why, who, when,where and how of this thing called life, not my will but God's will, what a neat awakening. It is so nice to be free, to just be me, no more trying to be something or somebody I am not, to be the eternal phony doing anything to please somebody - also is nice to be able to look at people and accept them just as they are, no judgement, thankyou God. Yes it is nice to wake up to the real world. Oh I'm not saying that I don't indulge in dreaming, fantasies and just having fun, heck no for that is part of living, and living is to become part of the whole - to be eternally free - to laugh, love, enjoy everything, to always keep a humor within range for that is also part of living, without humor there ism't much. So enjoy the moment and have a lot of fun where ever you are. It has been over 40 some years since I went through my total change, of which am totally grateful) and know without a shadow of a doubt am on the right path.

Story of my life.  Yes and when I look back today I realize it was just as it was supposed to be with what I had to work with at the time.  I always was a person that couldn't get enough learning, always looking, and reading books of all agendas, never enough, just couldn't find the one thing that when I found it I said  "Aha this is it", seemed it was always one more book away, or one ore idea.  Then one day I actually found it, but was overly cautious about jumping in until I had researched it more, so it took it's time and now I realize that was right, for learing more, reading more, talking to more people, finding my information where ever I could, I took it, devoured it and definitely learned it and was able to turn my life around, to see my mistakes and correct them, to recognize what I had done and correct it, it was a fabulous experience and I am truly grateful.   Life becomes wonderful when we can view it with a very open mind, with no judgements to mar  the learning experience.  Today I live in peace, love and happiness most of the time, willing to change at a moments notice if is meant to be.  Talk about a tranquil world, it certainly is and I am one grateful person experiencing the moment in all it's glory.

Butterflies represent freedom and that is what I've found, freedom from hate, judgement, and an insecurity that keeps us from truly being ourselves.  One day I hope that just maybe I can  leave in my wake a lot of happiness to spread throughout the world.  That would be the perfect dream, so tired of watching others destroy themselves, all for the love of money, that is not all there is on this wonderful planet called earth, can be a beautiful place to be enjoyed to the fullest.  So tired of the bickering, the lies, and attempting to destroy each others creativity just because we do not understand them, time to get to know our neighbors, and our friends for who they really are.   That is what life is al about, thankyou very much.  


Favorite Stuff
Well today I do believe I have turned into some kind of an internet nut, I find it fascinating and challenging, have learned to build websites somewhat, with what I have to work with, but tht is okay.  Love to surf around and find interesting articles,looking for truthful words of wisdom, and anything of interest.  Love also  the fantastic websites I have come across, there are some very interesting one, some beautiful creative sites showing talent of the maker, and also a wonderful learning tool, not shunning books not at all for books are my first love. 

: I like hiking, walking, camping, just sightseeing. I also love photography and painting.  Love meeting people of all kind. love to share with them and learn from them too. I enjoy people, they all have such an interesting story, as we all do and it is rather nice share stories.  I love to dabble in painting, have a few pictures that aren't too bad, basically for my own enjoyment, painting is a hobby that lets me express myself through color, it can be pretty fantastic.  I also like to write all kinds of prose,  poetry another way of true expression for me.  I do love the theater very much plays, musicals, and fantasy stories.  Life has a lot to offer if we really take the time to look for it.

Favorite TV Show:: PBS
Favorite Movies: Star Trek, Sci-Fi
Favorite Music:Classical
Favorite Book: History. Biographies, UFO's and  Science
Favorite Sports: Team:LA Angels - baseball
Favorite Food:Chinese & Indian
People I most admire: Kind & thoughtful

Favorite Quotes

Either you reach a higher point today, or you exercise your strength in order to be able to climb higher tomorrow.

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
-Henry David Thoreau