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Jackies SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY/ Jackies Spirit

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Beliefs and Opinions

Well well hope you all had a wonderful journey so far, isn't it strange. Wonder what the year is going to bring and also have you all awoken from you cave person sleep? Do you you really know what is happening, that we have all been taken for a bunch of jerks, believe this and believe that who in their right mind is going to believe anything that goes on in in this crazy world of today. Run by a bunch of idiots. Call it for what it is. Kind of grateful that I have been rather going through the history of today, yesterday and just wandering and remembering what it was like or truly must have been 85 years ago at least and have come to the conclusion that the first 30 years were not too bad, at least we had freedoms and we could talk to people and actually discus the days problems, knowing that it would be better tomorrow if we kept love in our heart and a smile on our lips. Awe yes Nature was good to us as well, as wer were actually able to grow our own food in a healthy environment, and take trips around the America and meet other wonderful people whom we could call friends. yes they were friendly and loving also. At least I was able to actually enjoy my childhood which was definitely a great time of learning and experiencing. Nobody to fear really for it seemed like one big happy family wherever we went.

Here's what I think...

My Philosophy: Today I like to keep things on a simple mode, not always has it been so, to accept my colleagues and associates as they are, to not judge another at least until I have walked in their shoes, which maybe never, who knows. Life is one day at a time to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed, enjoying the moment, letting go of past resentments and todays, not carrying grudges, just to be the best person I can be each day, loving and trusting.

In this column, I'll talk about some of my deepest beliefs. What do I think are the most important principles that someone should rule their life by? What are my religious beliefs? My political beliefs?
My political beliefs have always been the democratic way and for most of my life, except the past five years or so have been a staunch democrat. I am beginning to see the the differences today, the lies, the coverups, the greed that seems to have most people today grabbing for more and more, until they are totally in debt and wonder how they got there - to a degree that has a lot to do with our government philosphy today - big money talks - well in some ways money does talk, but folks let us keep it in moderation.. We are a democratic nation and we are ambitious, which is good, but to run around the world trying to regulate every country, seems a bit much. We have problems here at home and it is the wise person who cleans up his own house first, then is ready to share with others. It is time to slow down and inventory our way of governing, get rid of the greed, and above all be an open minded government who can speak the truth on all causes, allowing each and every american have their say.
My religious beliefs have turned more to the spiritual, I believe there is one God for all,with many paths. That is the choice we all have. To have more love for one another.
Love is a magic word, given freely can form a great relationship.
My political beliefs have definitely changed, since for many years a staunch democrat, now I'ved moved on to smaller government, with less intrusion into our lives. Freedom to be oneself, at all cost.

Health Care

It is very important that all people have health care. Diseases are spread because there is not health care for a lot of people. We could be a very healthy nation if we only took the time to take care of our own, no discrimination, no prejudices, just the basic health care for every single human being in our country. Thats not really a very big thing, it just is taking care of your own family, yes America, all Americans.   Too be aware of your own body is also very important, to learn what to eat that will truly give you the nutrients you need for your own survival needs, be aware of the foods also, know where they come from and how they are grown - yes folks today one can't be too careful on our eating habits, think about it.  Give your body a break, exercise right, eat right, and hopefully your body in return will give you many pleasurable years/


The basic education, reading, writing and arithmetic for the first three grades. Science, geography, social sciences,and art, music the next three grades. Then seven through twelve continuing with the higher level of the first six. That is my opinion and I firmly believe that there would be less truancy and bad behavior problems if the school system got a handle on education. Thankyou.

The year of 2010
What is in store for us?

The year of 2010 what does it really offer?  Are we the people going to sit around and do nothing or are we going to finally get with the times and do something for our country?
For one thing I know we had better change our attitude and that is for sure, time to remember who we are and why we are here.
Stewards of the earth!
Too take care of her and nurture her so just maybe we can have a beautiful world once again, it can be done.
Bur not with people with a one track mind, but a sharing, caring society.
We need more love and understanding for all and if we really care and show our feelings who knows what miracles we can perform.
We plundered the earth and she is in a sad state, but a change of attitude can perform miracles, or perform the world into a wonderful paradise, it is up to us.  Remember who you really are and let us work together for the reclaiming planet earth.
It can be done but we have to work together.  

An interesting journey!

My Opinions on Current Events

Thoroughly disappointed in both electoral parties, but as I have said before we are a Democratic country tried and true. Today the candidates play for the people with big money, I realize that pays, but it is not honest or democratic. No more do you see a candidate come thru your town, willing to at least talk to the person on the street, this is sad and our downfall. I hope everybody will at least vote from their heart and not their pocketbook, so we at least have a chance for a change. Thanks.

September 11,2001 was truly a day that will live in infamy. I believe most people were somewhat affected by this atrocity, at least I was, my life changed 100% and I might add, has changed for the better. Now we are trying to eliminate the terrorists, hopefully we can, at least for the moment. The biological warfare is another subject, that is very insidious,and can only help us to become more informed as to what is really happening around the world. What do they really think when congering up these lies instead of actually coming out with the truth, conspiracies, that is so sad. Didn't they ever learn that it is better to tell the truth for eventually the truth always comes out. Can't believe it but reckon that is how a greedy person thinks, money first at all times. Wonder how the 1% are really feeling for all their shenagins in wanting theirmoney and ours too.

My opinions do count, and I have to realize they are only opinions. We finally have emerged into a society that is truly out for their own, it is greed, and money talks. What a shame, the freedom we seek is truly a dream if we allow the BIG MONEY to dictate our lives. Hopefully all this talk terroristism will fade  and will be taken and it will be remembered as to how we were trifled with and lied too. It is time for the Americans to understand that this country is all of ours and it behooves each of us to our best to elliminate the dictators of the world.
I sure hope all is well to whomever reads this.  We are totally in a terrible place, but there is HOPE always.  I believe it is time we clean up our government and finally realize it is time for the PEOPLE to take back their country and yes there is time and yes it can be done.  It is up too us to begin the long long search for the truth and bring it all out into the open, and yes it is out there, just have to search for it.  We do not have to accept this dictatorial regime we have gotten ourselves into.  Something that was so insidiously put upon us over the (years), what a shame.  Do not believe until you have researched totally and then always leave a little room for scepticism, but it is the whole TRUTH we want, nothing less, just the TRUTH and so be it.
Totally in our hands, thanks for reading, appreciate. 
Everybody has their opinion on just about everything, and that is the way it should be.  My opinions today are different from yesterday, and I believe that is the way it should be, we do grow spiritually, physically and mentally hopefully and with that growth we glean more information, some true and some not true so it behooves each of us to separate the truths and finally I realize that is what is meant by lessons of learning - we do learn.  Today is the era for Truth totally, no more deceptions or negativity, just a positive thought with love and truth for all, thankyou.
Since last writing here, way back in 2001 it is now 2008 and what have we really accomplished?  Nothing much really except go into a debt so deep we of the country America will probably not see a balanced budget for a very long time.  Actually we have totally done a great disservice to our own country.  There is a reason why I am still here and writing these words, not for self but to be able to leave one persons opinion of how we have destroyed our country as well as other contries around the world, will we be able to learn why?  Sure hope so, if not for our own selves at least for our children and our childrens children away into the future, what a dismal legacy, and I for one believe it is a terrible shame.
For what?  For greed basically will the humans ever learn?  We have become what we were taught so methodically during our learning years, time to change everything.
My thoughts and prayers are for all the young too whom are left, may they somehow be able to discern what happened to their predecessors. 
And now this day in November 5th, 2008 we have once again really wanted change and it is here, thank God what a blessing.  Never thought I would see in in my lifetime, how the American people can really do the right thing, bravo--Have lived thru the times of strife, discrimination, hate, greed, and now once again a new way.  Martin Luther King is no doubt ecstatic for his dream has come true and so has mine.  Bless our new president and may he truly lead with a contrite heart in humility for all, thankyou God.
Well we made it thru the election and now it is 2009 and I reckon we all better get out house in order.  What we should do is back the new president and then start thinking about what really happened in the last 60 years to put us here in this dilemma.  We voted for a pretty face instead of somebody who really new what they were talking about, we haven't learned a thing in 60 years really for it appears we are still running around in circles trying different ideas to an old and decrepit government that will not work the way it is now, chanage is immenent for sure.  Starting from the top down.  Can we do it?  Or are we just a bunch of dumbdowned dummies, the changes should have been started when (they) started way back in history.  Changes have got to come and quickly, as for me would love to see a loving, honest, passionate society willing to start from scratch, no hold bard, letting the federal reserve go for sure and a few other departments that are of no use anymore.
For right now guess better quit not helping anything with what is roaming within me. 

Should leave a short message here.  Can't believe the journey I have been on, but nevertheless a joyous occassion has come out of it for all, especially me.
Looking back at everything that has happened, sometimes it is unbelievable, we know the truth anyway.
From the thirties all the way up to 2012, very interesting and lots of stuff.
Grateful for the opportunity to view it all, from the military to the sublime, something good has happened all along the way, sometimes it wasn't very clear, but today it is very clear.
Life is truly only a school we go to. too learn yes learn what we are about in this thing called life and it is wonderful.
So everybdy enjoy your journey and have fun, for I have, thanks.  

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