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All My Pets-Kelly, Athena, Lexi

Gallery of Pictures
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Pictures of beauty and fun for all to enjoy, and also have hidden within my pictures other sites that I truly do enjoy.    Even though this is my site a do allow my buddy, Jackie, to put up what she wants, I really haven't learned the fine art of typing on the computer yet, or doing a lot of things the humans can do, we are pretty close though - So enjoy yourself.

We are special spiritual beings sent here to learn and teach.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. 

The Dove of Peace
Bringing peace, love and joy

Learning to love and trust, the utmost of life today.  We are too busy, running around too much, never take the time to let go.

My secret Cove
Lets me dream great dreams

Sunrise - Sunset
Brings me peace upon my chest
Lets me know God is with me
Always, forever it shall be.

Home is where the heart is
And the heart is where we live

Recreation and Fun for anybody that is tired of running in circles, attempting to make a living, but find that once in awhile we just have to take a break for ourselves and have fun.   The idea is to be good to yourself, and when we are good to ourselves we find that we make better friends, lovers and companions, this is so true think about it, when there is love within it shines on the outer, so take it easy each day, just do your best and you shall find great peace and serenity.