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All My Pets-Kelly, Athena, Lexi

Enjoy your feedback

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All animal lovers

Love to get feedback, so contact me here.

You may contact me here. I thankyou very much.

Contact is very important, it is the first step in learning a little about each other and creating friendships.

On each and every site I create it is a message that I hope to pass on to others, that life is not something to just be endured, it is our life and each and every one of us is special - we have part to play on this great planet earth and what we learn, good, bad or indifferent it is us - we will learn our lessons and we will go onto other things just as special, God willing.  We are spiritual beings sent here to learn and teach, too protect the planet and enjoy our mission - God bless all of you. 

Well I have made it to the grand old year of 2005, almost 2006, sometimes I wonder what God really has in store for me, it certainly has been a long journey and not always easy, that is for sure. Have watched this country from the depression of the 30's up to now and all I can say is only for a short time did it look really really great, there were times when I thought it couldn't get any better for we were self supporting. Yes, we were -building everything from refrigerators to airplanes, creating new things and yes it was enjoyable until --- around the 7th decade of the 1900's, things were happening and really not too cool for the average American, but we had faith --- and now we are in the new millenium wowee and it is very very sad. This is written by Jackie, not Athena, though sometimes we do have the same thoughts at the same time. Guess this was written awhile back for it is now approaching 2008 - eek where has the time gone. Our prayers today are for peace throughout the entire planet earth, no more wars or at least like the kind that have happened so far, don't believe in war for I truly believe that isn't what we were put on planet earth for, it is such a beautiful planet and look what we have done to it, it is sad. Some call this progress, I sure don't, if it does not help all it is nothing, just a ploy for more and more, called greed.

Thanks for visiting my site!