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All My Pets-Kelly, Athena, Lexi

My Prose and Poetry
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Tranquil Fantasy
When the su;n is shining
My feelings tend to zoom and soar,
High upon the billowy clouds,
Waiting for my ecstacy.
The all powerful force
That comes to me, when I am
Least expecting, catchin me unaware,
Lifting me on high.
Higher than the fluffy soft clouds
Drifting aimlessly about, just
Waiting for the gentle breezes -
To sweep me gently away to my tranquility.

It takes so little
It takes so little to make us sad -
Just a slighting word or a doubting sneer,
Just a scornful smile on some lips held dear,
And our footsteps lag, though the goal seemed near,
And we lose the courage and hope we had -
So little it takes to make us sad.
It takes so little to make us glad -
Just the cheering clasp of a friendly hand,
Just a word from one who can understand;
And we finish the task we long had planned,
And we lose the doubt and fear we had -
So little it takes to make us glad.

Come home, one more time
That is the way it was,
Times were tough, could have been worse
Yet we always have  - hope.
Comes the day, when someone breaks,
This is also the way it is
Not looking back, and yet
The aching feeling surges thru the heart.
Wishing and praying for differences,
Yet knowing this is all part of the plan,
The lessons of life, we all must face -
To grow into spiritual beings.
My lesson was that loving
Can be beautiful to learn,
To receive as well as to give,
This can be total tranquility.

The days of youth, when all was fun
No problems to mar our imaginations -
As we let go and soar above the fluffy clouds,
Gliding aimlessly, totally immersed in peace.
Growing up, we experience many feelings
That confuse us and send us out -
Into the dilemma of teenage fever,
Learning, learning and more learning.
Adulthood finds us ready for anything,
As we embark on our journey -
Ready to show the world who we are,
Anxious to get on with life.
One day we wake up and find, yes
We have become that old person, the
One we teased and made fun of -
Woe is me, too start over again. 
I have another poem - it is entitled
I have wandered the earth -
For many a day, and behold,
My answer has come
Not in the way I expected.
I have seen trials and tribulations -
Have made mistakes galore,
I have made amends and learned -
Who I truly am.
Such an awakening has come to me -
Finding my true self among the many,
Willing to share my experiences
And my joys with any who want to sit with me. 

Living in the moment, truly a wonderful place to truly be, letting the past stay in the past, and not too much care for what might happen in the future, for who knows for sure - our minds are always changing, and life is always changing as well, especially today.
Too be the best I can be today, right now, is my most important goal, the others will follow as I continue to enjoy my moments of glory and peace, touched with love.