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All My Pets-Kelly, Athena, Lexi

About Me
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My name is Athena and I was born in Corvallis, Oregon in January 1995 to a family of three, my sister, my brother and me, we also lived in a very nice house with caring humans also, they really cared for their animals.  Something was missing - anyway I learned a lot of tricks and had a big yard to play in with many many other shelties just like me, we did have fun. 

One day when I was two years old a lady appeared at my house inquiring about a puppy and I was disappointed, this lady looked like a real cool lady with whom I could possible see the country. 

Well as it turned out she finally did see me for a minute and I knew I wanted to leave with her.   When finally it came time to leave I was excited to go, a little sad maybe leaving my kid sis and brother, as they say this too shall pass.

From then on it was fun time running all over  and enjoying the freedom I craved.  Thanks for visiting my site. 


My Mission

My mission in life today is too spread happines and joy, and hopefully I do.  Too be the best companion I can be, to show unconditional love and to be unconditional love.  Enjoy my wonderful experiences  and learn things too, just to be the best friend I can be without too many expectations anyway today we are a relationship which is too cool we do help each other, thankyou. 

My Adventure

My great adventures of being with my companion, going on trips, I love to go on trips, to different places, especially the beach it is so awesome - so big and the waves are fun to jump around in and play, to play tag, to fetch my ball, my favorite for a long time was the frisbee, loved to jump for it and catch it in mid air, whee that was fun and then bring it back for more.  Love to go roaming in the mountains too, to experience all the different smells and things I find.  Today the river is my haven love to stroll alongside the river, occassionally taking a dip to cool off when it is a very hot day, so refreshing.  As time goes on remembering all - I have had a great life, thankyou. 

Happiness is just smile away. 

My concerns today are for all animals that end up in the humane societies, sometimes I wonder about humans, they want pets but when they get them they don't want to really care for them, tie them up outside or in a fenced yard for the rest of their lives - for me a pet is part of the family and well deserves it, a true family member and they will show you all about love.

Be kind to all animals, you will never know the wonderful experience until you have literally loved them, for their unconditional love is awesome.



My name is Lexi and I am a very grateful pup for I was rescued from the doggie jail and found a new home where there is love and kindness all around.  It is so nice not to have to be scared all the time and wondering if today will find a morsel of food, or maybe some selter out of the rainy weather, or snow - yes it is so nice to live in a nice warm home with people who love me, thankyou very much.