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Reviews Page

My own personal reviews on what I have read, also what I have found to be of ultimate value to my friends out there in the world. It is time to wake up America, start researching and remembering about our country, what it originally started out to be.


The Coming Global Superstorm by:
Art Bell and Whitley Strieber

Life as we know it is changing. Buckle up your seat belt folks you are in for a ride, and the only ones that can help is you.


What Dreams May Come
Robin Williams
Cuba Gooding,Jr
Annabella Sciorra

This movie is great, at least for me, and I do recommend it as a great one to peruse. After life there is more, yes there is always more, if we are on the right path.


With music I am very versatile, love all good music. I love Country music for it tells a true story about feelings. I love Classical for it is for real dreamers. I also love various type music from all ages, for they remind me of my youth, my loves, my experiences.

Yes follks I love music and have been a music lover all my life. To be able to sit quietly and listen to the music of choice, calming the troubled mind. People today think themselves so busy, have to be on the go 24/7, not true. Time to take time for self and relax, let go folks.

If your brain is tired of trying to figure things out, stop awhile and listen to some music, it is a sure way to find a peaceful moment.