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Let it stay that way, we can do something about it.

New York City, USA
Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide
What will be next?

New York City.

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Remember Iwo Jima? Well this is New York, America.

Steve Quayle
The information with the truth

This is almost des je vous, remember Pear Harbor? Remember Viet Nam?, Korea?   Pretty soon we all will be sitting around a campfire reminescing about what USA used to be like, doesn't have to be though.  Start challenging the government, the corporations, drug companies and let them know that we want a part in whatever they have up their sleeve.  Bring all the corporations back home so our own people can have good jobs, with a lucrative earning capacity and quite exploiting those poor people in other countries with their slavery tactics,  enough.  Don't allow our country to slowly fade into cyber world, that is not all there is.  We can do it if we back each other up instead of fighting each other at home, get with the program people.

Whitleys World
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