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War is a Crime


G Greenwald

Too spread love and truth wherever we can!!

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The only interesting thing I can think about are some of my experiences.  Life goes on.  We can make the best of it if we retain our integrity and move forwarad.

If you so desire to know more about me go to my site titled - Life - click my picture.

At the moment am a bit concerned about what is happening to our once beautiful, loving country, oh yes it was there periodically, it appears we are losing her, doesn't have to be.  Each life is a precious commodity and we all are responsible.    

Hi everybody!!
Taking a break

What a job!

Think Ii've been here before, are we all going around in circles?  Or is it me?

Taking a break from self, getting out in the world and meeting like minded friends that we have  something in common with that is the name of the game, and then who knows what a bunch of wonderful people can come up with, many many different ideas. 

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Hangman - A game, rather interesting.

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The Great Illusion

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Old fortyfives - My life, did it all, or most of it.


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Congratulations, youre pretty honest. Stay connected with your inner lie detector. If youre dealing with a particular issue, like weight (link to weight silo) for example, or need advice (link to silo library) on a certain health problem, click on these links to read articles that will help you connect the dots between your emotions and what youre experiencing in life. And if you havent already done so, expand your truth quotient by reading Truth Heals.
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