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Continuous Journal

The year 2001 is almost over folks, how did you all find it. I do believe 9/11 us definitely a day in infamy, and it will bring about changes, hopefully for the better.

May and June 2001
I'm the kind of person that won't give up, so I continue on. If and when I finally get this thing figured out, I may be 170 years old, but who cares. I have tried so many different things in my life, only to come to a screeching halt and my self esteem takes a nose dive - yes that's who I am, slowly learning to overcome that defect when something else comes into play and I'm off and running. The message I am getting, very slowly, is that unless you have an abundance of self esteem and truly trust yourself, it is going to be the same merry-go-round so - to be acquainted with oneself, to learn forgiveness for self, is the beginning and until then, who knows.
Too check out all the possibilities of the project, the good and the bad, what it is you really need and study up on it thoroughly, I'm writing this for myself as well as anybody else that might be able to identify - that is the only way to learn, sharing your thoughts and feelings, getting them out in the open so they can breathe and maybe come to some fruition.
Finally after many a year I realize that unless I ask for help there is none, so it is up to me to reach out, now can I actually accept others help or opinions without becoming all bent out of shape and crawling back into my hole, Yes today I believe I can.
You know it is really funny, the older one gets we seem to see things in a different perspective, we - or at least I - don't take anything so seriously anymore, if it can't be fun whats the point, there isn't any. So I do like to learn about building these sites and I am willing to go for it, but I shall take my time and learn as much as I can while doing so, which is the name of the game.
Here I am in May already, great and a lot has been done and I am doing something I like, thankyou very much. How about you? Are you doing what you want to do or are you just doing it - too make money - how sad, and what a waste, but then it is your life, that is why I wanted to put these blurbs on this site, this life really is a one day at a time venture and fun needs to be inserted.

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