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My Writing or Artwork

My creative side...

Some of my prose and poetry. When I get so perfect I can't stand myself I will produce some pictures to prove all I say, thankyou very much.

A Good Old World

Tis a good old world, tho we sometimes say
That it's paths are rather hard,
For the sunlite shines on the rockiest way,
And never a soul is barred
From the bright, white road that leads to peace,
Thru the valley and up the hill,
Where the din is hushed and the clamors cease -
Tis a good old world, if we will.

Tis a good old world, though you and I
Might make it better yet -
If we'd care for the woes of another and try
Our own little woes to forget;
If we'd straighten the lives that are askew,
And sacrifice even of ease -
But really, you know, there are many who do,
Tis a good old world, if you please.

A sunrise; Actual size=300 pixels wide