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1930 - 1940
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My name is Jackie and I am grateful to be alive and breathing today.  That is only the beginning of my story.  I started out believing in life with many goals that I wanted accomplish - opportunities were there , I only had to make a decision  as time went on and I grew up more was revealed to change my feelings, attitudes and everything else in my life.  That is when the self esteem I once had was diminished, and I didn't know what to do - I commenced then to wander the earth find my niche.
1940 - 1950
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I moved from home and attempted to start my own life, later I joined the Military for a period of 3 years, great opportunity with much to learn, but I didn't put my all into it and eventually after 4 years messed that up.  Coming home, or at least coming back to the states, still had no idea what was in store for me.
1960 - 2001
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To continue on my journey - this decade of 1960 found me searching more and more, spiritually and every other way, I tried the escape route through alchohol - it only led to a pitiful time filled with anxiety.  I persevered - met people and really tried to put some semblance into my life - by this time I had a son and I thought that would fix me, it didn't work but it did give me a small sense of fullfilment.  Later I tried the another relationship - another son, one more time I thought this will do it I now have purpose.  Went to school to upgrade my business career - forgetting about my dreams of yesteryear when I had wanted to be concert pianist or a great artist.  Again my life didn't have much substance as there was too much fear involved - I was riddled with fear, especially about myself.  Couldn't seem to get the hang of it and so I ran again - my running consisted in changing addesses.

This brings me to the seventies of which I believe I finally admitted to myself I had to do something to change the way my life was going.  I found something than enabled me to do that, fo be able to quite living in fantasy and face reality - which was a great organization that has helped millions.

The struggle began - I embarked on a program that gave me something that I have today - PEACE - it took every fibre of my being to keep me centered and focused on the positive  instead of the negative.  I came to, came to believe  and was on my journey to change my life and maybe get backsome of the feelings I had lost - let me tell you it is not for people need an escape, it is for people who want to change.  Life is wonderful when I am at peace with my God, and my days are filled with a sense of awareness, I am aware of whom I am today - I have let go of the past, forgiven people of whom I was disrespectful to, accepted the present for that is where I live, and continue forward into the future with a clean and loving heart - love for my fellow humans, look forward to life, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou it is good.

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